Z-CRM365 integrates MS Dynamics 365 with Zuora

Z-CRM365 provides a tight integration between Zuora and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

If your company has MS Dynamics 365 in place and sales is mainly done via direct sales by using MS CRM as the core CRM system, Z-CRM365 makes it possible to easily convert sales opportunities and quotes into Zuora subscriptions.

Easy, reliable and simple

The Z-CRM365 solution is packed as one single zip file and this zip file can simply be imported into any Dynamics 365 environment (online or on premise) that supports Sales functionality (version 2016 or higher).
After the import you only need to configure logon credentials to Zuora, so that the solution can connect to the Zuora API.

Next, you are ready to do your subscription sales within Dynamics 365 managed by the world leading subscription billing solution Zuora!

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